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Recent Projects


Designing Motion-Controlled Games for Hearing-Impaired Children

My Super Power

The prevalence rate of hearing impairment in China is 24.16% of the total number of people with disabilities, of which 110,000 are school-age children with hearing disabilities between the ages of 6 and 14 years old.Delayed language development due to hearing impairment limits emotional and verbal communication, which in turn leads to psychological problems.Both special schools and special families hope that children with hearing impairment can also experience the same digital life as normal children.

Test video(still in development)


An AI-Powered Romance Graphic Journey


In traditional romance narratives, gender roles and stereotypes are deeply embedded in dialogue and plot, reflecting not only the societal and cultural traditional views on gender but also shaping these notions to a certain extent. But in the current technological landscape, AI has become a powerful tool for simulating and analyzing human dialogue. In this project, we aim to observe how users interact with the AI-generated romance comic books and collect their choices in “LoveRewind” to understand how AI generates dialogue based on inputs from different genders. This allows us to deeply explore how gender perspectives influence dialogue content, style, and emotional expression. We hope to more profoundly investigate the boundaries of gender in linguistic expression, promote self-discovery and emotional expression among individuals, and guide society to view love from a new perspective. Currently, the project has completed the integration of the Large Language Model.


A Wonderful Nature Journey in Healing VR Interactive Animation

In Car

Original version is a VR animation (https://b23.tv/A6qYZ9i) where all digital assets are created within VR using VR controllers. The second version builds upon the original by adding eye-tracking interaction, head movement interaction, and natural language interaction (implemented through integration with a large language model), in addition to the existing audiovisual and haptic feedback interactions, thus achieving full sensory natural interaction.




Designing a narrative-based puzzle game for inheriting the local Anshun local opera

Xiang Chen

“Fragrant Dust” is a suspense plot puzzle game set against the backdrop of a materialistic worldview and strong consciousness’s reaction to the real world. Players enter a world constructed by the unique cultural and artistic form of Dixi, which originated from the development of central Guizhou in the early Ming Dynasty. In the game, players will explore the origin and development of local opera culture, as well as its importance to the spiritual life of local villagers. As the game deepens, players will face the problem of excessive commercialization of modern ground play, witnessing how this change weakens the power of the guardian deity in the hearts of the Tunpu people, leading to the crisis of the deity being unable to maintain its essence and the soul being polluted.
In the storyline, the player will play the role of the messenger of the mountain god, delving deep into the consciousness of a girl named Chen Ni, who begins to corrode the real world due to long-term suppressed emotions. The player’s task is to save this land from the root, confront and solve the crisis caused by the rampant monsters and monsters. During the game, players will face challenges of doubt, pessimism, and even hatred towards their beliefs. This is not only an adventure, but also a test of their own beliefs and decisions.