Gonzalo Frasca


Chief Evangelist Officer at DragonBox 

Chair of Videogames at Universidad ORT Uruguay


Doctor in Game Rhetoric. IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 2007.

Masters in Science in Information Design and Technology. Georgia Institute of Technology. 2003.

Bachelor in Media Studies. Universidad Católica del Uruguay. 1997.


  • Co-designer of DragonBox School – a full-curriculum, game-based solution for learning math currently in use in schools from Finland, Norway and France.
  • Designer of the award-winning “September 12th, a Toy World” newsgame.
  • Co-Designer (with Ian Bogost) of the “Howard Dean for Iowa Game”, the first official game ever made in the USA for a Presidential candidate (2004)


  • Lifetime Achievement Award from Knight Foundation /Games for Change. 2012. (NYC, NY, USA)
  • Distinguished Alumni – Pioneer Award from the Georgia Institute of Technology. 2015. (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  • 2015 – The Opposite of Boredom. Keynote at IndieCade East. Museum of Moving Image, New York, USA. 13-2 
  • 2014 – Keynote at Expressive Games Conference – “Thinking, analysing and designing Expressive Games seminar”. University of Lorraine, France. 24-11 
  • 2012 – Keynote at Global Game Jam – “Experimentation. 
  • Advisory Editor at Game Studies – The International Journal of Computer Game Research (2001- )